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New Hosting!
You might notice the entire site loading a lot faster lately, that's because I've switched my hosting over to Media Temple because of their awesome grid server idea. Everything should still work just fine.
More new stuff!
If for some reason you notice many things on the site not working, just ignore them and try again a day or two later. I've basically re-structured how everything works on the site so a lot of old parts aren't going to work yet.

I should have it all up and fine again within a few days.
Audiopad and We-make-money-not-art
I realize I haven't really bothered to update this site much recently, but I'll probably be updating it quite often in the future. I've been finding tons of neato links and projects all over the web that have peaked my interest, so I'll be detailing them here whenever I find ones worthy of noting.

First is Audiopad, a fantastic concept that I hope will get refined into something consumer friendly and more useful in the future, it has tons of room to grow. I'd be extremely interested in seeing it put to use for other interactive applications, for instance as a teaching aid or a new type of informational kiosk interface.

The second link which I think is actually worth quite more to click is We-make-money-not-art.com. It's jam packed with all kinds of techy nerd stuff that's so interesting sometimes it just hurts to read (in a good way). When you have a chance stop by there to read up on some new emerging technologies and ideas, I can almost guarantee you'll be glad you went to look.
Why the recent site changes?
I've changed the colors of the layout recently because an event happened that I think affects quite a lot of people in a pretty dastardly way. deviantART.com is the world's largest art community, and recently they just lost the second of two co-founders Scott Jarkoff a.k.a. $jark.

Scott was removed of his administrative capabilities without even having prior notice. The CEO of deviantART Angelo Sotira, has decided to not give a statement about what happened, or even a simple explanation as to why. Not only has he said nothing, but he has deleted comments, journal entries, and moved artworks on the website for no reason but to hide the truth.

Scott is the one person that has been with deviantART from it's beginning, every single day he has given his best efforts to help the community on deviantART. He deserves an explanation, an apology, and about a billion dollars for the amount of his sweat, tears, and health he's put into that massive work of art. So if you have the chance stop by his page at http://jark.deviantart.com and give him some support, because he needs it right now.

If you're interested in learning a little more about recent events and treacheries, you may read up about it at the following links:
Everything's finally done.
Finally! Everything on the website is up and running. The search page, the RSS feed that generates itself through PHP, and alllllll of those validation links down there actually work now. If you actually do click those links, you'll notice that on the 508 and AAA validators a few things show up on their list. Luckily those few things are just user-checks that the validator can't check itself and they don't apply to this website anyways.

Eventually I'll get to updating that portfolio and the resume and all that, but for now I think I'll just relax a while since I've got all of the site finished now. I'm taking about fifteen hours of classes this semester, and I'll be graduating once I'm done with these courses (luckily they should all be easy). Of course the only hard part is waking up around 7am every day, and getting home at 10pm on some nights.

Enough rambling though, time for sleep.
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